Capture Their Attention

Introduce your value prop

Tell Them Why You Exist

This could be a great place to include your mission statement or explain your value prop. You can tell people what you’re all about. Think about: what type of foods or services you provide and what makes you unique. Keep this description short, but thorough—so after someone reads it, they feel like they know what you have to offer.

A little escape from the ordinary thinking & taste

Reserve Your Place for Dinner

Give 'em a reason to make a reservation. The goal of this section is to convert your website visitors into reservations. Wet their appetite by describing the experience they will have at your restaurant. People want experiences.

Culinary Art

Here is a great place to continue to drive home your value prop by telling them about something that is unique to your restaurant. Know your audience, so key in on the reasons why people love your restaurant, continue to come back to it, and are telling others about it.